Old Editions of Newletters 
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Contents Include:

1,   September 2002

Welcome to Trust; Trust Logo; Birchington Trivia by Alan Kay

2,   November 2002

First Bungalows (part 1) by Alan Kay; Growing up in 50's Birchington (part 1) by Sally Fosse; Research in Margate Library by Beth Thomson 

3,   February 2003

First Bungalows (part 2) by Alan Kay; Growing up in 50's Birchington (part 2) by Sally Fosse; 'Know your Village' - Acol Bridge and Albion Road, by Jennie Burgess

4,   May 2003

The Village Pond by Alan Kay; Coronation Week in Birchington

5,   September 2003

Memories of Birchington by Alan Jezzard; The Willshires, Johnsons and Gordines by Colin Gordine

6,   November 2003

The Trust's Dream - David Raven started it; Publication of 'Dangerous Coastline'

7,   February 2004

Twenties Night by Pat Orpwood; Old Birchington Library by Sally Fosse; The Minnis Bay 'Dip' by Colin Gordine

8,   May 2004

Memories of Quex by Alf Bedwell; Dog Acre by Jennie Burgess

9,   September 2004

Birchington by the Sea Exhibition, by Pat Orpwood; Minnis Bay Shipwrecks by Michael Lodge

10,  November 2004

The Trust looks to the Future by Pat Orpwood; the'Shrimp Man' of Birchington by Bernard La Roche; Building with Flint by Jennie Burgess

11,  February 2005

Cox's Fish Shop; Edith Mockford's Autograph Album

12,  May 2005

Museum takes shape by Pat Orpwood; Chamber of Commerce gift; Lost Buildings of Birchington by Jennie Burgess; More on Edith Mockford's Autograph Album by Pat Orpwood

13,  September 2005

Museum is Open to Public, by Pat Orpwood; Post Boxes by Bernard La Roche, Flint Cottage Corner by Jennie Burgess

14,  November 2005

Roger Gale Officially Opens Museum by Pat Orpwood; Guy Gibson's Crash by Jennie Burgess; The Rossetti Bungalow by Pat Orpwood.

15,  February 2006

The BHT Plaque by Jennie Burgess; The Changing Face of Print by Bernard La Roche; The Lych Gate by Jennie Burgess

16,  May 2006

Grannies' Shopping Basket; The Games Children Played by Sally Fosse; The Story of Birchington's Road Names by Jennie Burgess

17,  September 2006

The Acorn Inn; Christopher Powell-Cotton; 'Pot-shots at Doodlebugs' by Alf Bedwell;Birchington's Railway Station 1940-42 by Denis Chetwynd; The Police Box in the Square; Upper Gore End Duck Pond

18,  November 2006

The Baptist Church; 'How many People in Birchington?' by Bob Hinge; Memories of Red House by Pat Orpwood

19,  February 2007

The Methodist Church; Alf Bedwell's book 'A Life Well Spent'; A Tribute to Ron Oliver by Jennie Burgess

20,  May 2007

Boundary Stones, Talk on Wartime Information Films, The Primitive Methodist Chapel, Grenham House School

21,  August 2007

Talk on Aviation in Kent, Our Lady & St Benedict Church, The Red Cross in Birchington, Policing Birchington in the Thirties, Banks in Birchington

22, November 2007

Erlebach visit to Birchington, The Bay Church, Miss Vida Bates, PC Herbie Flower

23,  February 2008

Whitfield Nuggets of Gold; St Thomas Minnis Bay; Quakers in Birchington; The Railway Station; William Repsch

24,  May 2008

Norman 'Sonny' Miles; The Three May Girls by Bernard LaRoche; Charles Ellicot, Bishop of Gloucester; Memories of my Childhood by William Cox; Victorian Holidaymaking

25,  August 2008

Early Coastal Settlement near Birchington by Pat Orpwood; St Mildred's Church Acol; Brickmakers in Birchington; Elizabeth Kell Martin

26, November 2008

The Curate and the Queen; Bruce Marshall; Archery and the Butts in Birchington; The Sea View Hotel; Upper Gore End; THe Cornerstone Church

27, February 2009

Birchington Has Talent; Hole in the Garden; All Saints Church; My Favourite Aircraft: Coach House in Shakepeare Road

28, May 2009

Visit of Queen Bertha's Old Girls;The Butts; Birchington Hall; The Queen's Head

29, May 2009

Law and Order; Thompson's Yard; Coleman & Coleman's Stairs; Lily Delissa Joseph (nee Solomon); B V C Ransome, 1863-1940

30, November 2009

Visitors to the Museum; Guy Fawkes Night in the 50's; The Pickle Factory; Birchington Kaleidoscope Vol 1; Childrens Homes in Birchington

31, February 2010

Snow Scenes around Birchington; Guy Fawkes Night in the 50's (cont); Summer Holidays in Birchington

32, May 2010

VE Day in Birchington; Dreamland, Margate; CRISAB (Canterbury Road Improvement)

33, August 2010

Somerfield becomes the Co-op; The Bay Church 125 years; Memories of the Cinema; Minnis in Winter - Feb 1949

34, November 2010

Birchington Kaleidoscope Vol 2; Keys found in Birchington; Tower in Birchington Hall Meadow; Cinema memories part 2; Vida Bates; Evacuee's Story by Grace Fernyhough

36, May 2011

Lord George Sanger; Tom Tindle; The Maypole; April Fools' Day; Czechs at Beaconsfield

37, September 2011

Royal British Legion; Ivy Cottages; Birchington Engineering and Taplin Court

38, November 2011

Ivy House; Jim Rainbow; Ashton Pemble's Russian Diary; Armistice Day; Iris Bedwell emigrates

39, February 2012

Eastway Playschool; Prince Doria at Birchington; Woodford House Part 1

40, May 2012

Hughenden Laundry; Queen Victoria's Jubilee; United Services Club; Prince Doria - the War Years; Wantsum Channel; Woodford House School Part 2

42, November 2012

Jennie on "Inside Out"; The Black Death and All Saints Church; Junior Drama Club; the Pewter Pot

43, February 2013

Jennie given Freedom of Village; Australian Visitors; 1953 Floods; 1925 Plane crash at Beresford; Water wells and Sanitation

44, May 2013

'Village Sign' picture given to Museum; Jimmy Beck: Young archaeologist; Waywardens of Birchington; Fred Castle: carter

45, August 2013

Beresford and Bay Hotels; John Powell Powell's signature; Max Bellamy; Bookley on Spurgeons; Quexpo

46, November 2013

Drama at Sea - David Carey; Jim the dog warns of Zeppelins; Shrimper Frederick Letley; Birchington Fireman's Book; Berlin Airlift Talk; Birchington and the Railway

47, February 2014

Birchington Fire Brigade; Bungalow Hotel; Darby's House;'Bonjour' Crispe; The Post Office; Carnivals on DVD

48, May 2014

Birchington Bay Flooded; Agricultaral rioters 1830; John Naden; WW1; Farm Dairy

49, August 2014

Manston Branch Railway; King William III and Quex; Vermin destruction; Evacuation Plans 1915; Clarence Pemble

50, November 2014

Dog Acre; Birchington Institute; Slave Fights

51, February 2015

David Burley pictures given to BHT; Birchington Year Book 1889; Shopping in Station Road in 1920's & 30's; WW1 postcards

52, May 2015

Street parties May 1945; Denys Jeston; The Wantsum Channel; Birchington c.1924

53, August 2015

Spanish Armarda & Birchington; Black Death; Chamber of Commerce 'Lady Godiva'; George Teasdale

54, November 2015

Bath Cottages; Visit of Spurgeons scholar; Hudsons Mill Area; Suicide of Publican; Railway comes to Birchington

55, February 2016

Major Morrison Bell; The National School; Museum Treasures

56, May 2016

Founder of Victoria (Australia) Navy; National School (continued); Law and Order in Birchington; Tappington

57, August 2016

The Ward Sisters; Fire at Chislet 1925; Birchington's New Fire Engine

58, November 2016

The name 'Gore'; The Lay of the Brothers of Birchington; The name 'Birchington'

59, February 2017

The Exhibition Building; The Wantsum Channel; Birchington Benchmarks

60, May 2017

The Plague in Birchington; Gore End and Dover; Saxon Name Birchington

61, August 2017

The Beresford Gap Fountain; Birchington in the 1840's Part 1; Raven Award to Blue Mondays

62, November 2017

Birchington in the 1840's Part 2; Population of Birchington; Pantomimes and the Guild of Players

63, February 2018

Solomon J Solomon in Birchington; Birchington in the 1840's Part 3; The Birchington Gaps

64, May 2018

Dot Raven; Birchington and 'Journey into Space'; Wild Air

65, August 2018

My Favourite Thing - Pond Stereoscope and Birchington Sunset; Pugilism in Bichington; Birchington and The Great War booklet; AGM

66, November 2018

End of the Great War and its aftermath; The Memorial Ground; Birchington's Contribution; Jim the Airedale

67, February 2019

Princess Mary's Christmas Gift Box; The Actress and the Royal Obstetrician; Victorian Sampler donated to the Trust; ; Pocket Sweetheart

68, May 2019

Birchington hero and the sunken treasure; Stone Family visit to Birchington; Recent News

69, August 2019

Art Deco in Birchinton; Epple Bay in WW2 by Les Birch; Court Mount

70, November 2019

Frederick's and Stanley's; Birchington in 1930's - Memories of James Thomas; Museum acquisitions - Bay Hotel Plans - Beatles in Birchington - Birchington Motoring Club

71, February 2020

Arthur Rayden - Birchington Entrepreneur; Queen Bertha School; William Winder; Lloyd's Bank Building; PWD Butchers

The Newsletter was not published during the Coronavirus Lockdown, but John and Janet Robinson put together short monthly letters as below

Lockdown 1, May 2020

Some news snippets taken from 'The Thanet Advertiser & Echo', 1919-1941

Lockdown 2, June 2020

Buses to Birchington; Birchington Rifle Range

Lockdown 3, July 2020

Birchington Clocks; A plane and car crash in 1928

Lockdown 4, August 2020

Some shops in Station Road; Lower Promenade

Lockdown 5, September 2020

Further Information on Station Road Shops; Frank Horvath, local resident

Lockdown 6, October 2020

Birchington Picture Quiz; More on Frank Horvath; Rose Bank and Fernleigh

Lockdown 7, November 2020

More snippets from 'Thanet Advertiser'; 'A Walk to School' from the memoirs of William Clarke

Lockdown 8, December 2020

Christmas in Birchington

Lockdown 9, January 2021

The Great Stink of 1898; Balloon accident at Acol

Lockdown 10, February 2021

Larkscliffe; a beached whale

Lockdown 11, March 2021

Thanks to volunteers; The Kentish Gypsy King; Some items from old newspapers

Lockdown 12, May 2021

The Maypole; Acol; From the Parish Records

Normal Newsletters restarted in May 2021

72, May 2021

William Britain; Birchington Childhood of Bill Clarke; Empire Day 1927; Fine for cruelty to horse; The Black Death; Demolition of Grenham House

73, Summer 2021

Seaweed: The Monkton Sea Mark; William Winder; Birchington Alphabet

74, Autumn 2021

Making of Minnis Bay book; The Welcome Cafe; Misadventures at Birchington station remembered by Gordon Ward

75, Winter 2022

Canterbury Road then and now; F N Holton, Station Road tobacconist; Road bridge at the Station; Crispe Park; Some 1936 property owners

76, Spring 2022

Bay View Manor and Ray House; Birchington Surgeries; Some items donated to the Museum; Children saved from the sea

77, Summer 2022

Sea Defences: New Promenade From Minnis Bay To Beresford Gap; Cliff Preservation 1939; The Birchington Evening News during the General Strike