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Aerial and Satellite pictures - 1940,1960 and 2022


Aerial Views of Birchington

Aerial Views of Minnis Bay

Views from Church Spire 1968

All Saints' Church

All Saints' Church Interior

All Saints' Churchyard

Alpha, Albion and Crescent Roads

Birchington Hall

Beresford and the Tower Bungalows

Canterbury Road eastwards - Close to the Square

Canterbury Road eastwards - Further out

Canterbury Road - Square to Pond

Canterbury Road - The Village Pond

Canterbury Road - Pond to Brooksend

Epple Bay

Grenham Bay

Minnis Bay to 1939

Minnis Bay after 1939

Minnis Bay - away from the Sea

Park Lane

Prospect Road, Garden Estate and Mill Row

Quex Park

Roads between the Railway and the Sea

Spurgeon's Homes

Square before 1939

Square since the war

Station and Railways

Station Approach, Sandle's Road and Minnis Road

Station Road views

Station Road Shops, prewar

Station Road Shops, postwar

Station Road in the 21st century

Some "Might have beens"

We hold a large collection of copies (plus some originals) of pictures which can be seen in the files at the museum. Just some are listed above.
 A4 copies of most of these pictures are available, at £2 on glossy paper or £1 on normal paper (plus £2.50 P & P if outside Birchington).
Please email requirements (with full titles) to